How to Make Sure You Don’t Lose Your Car Keys Again

Let’s just accept it; a lot of us struggle to keep the car keys safe at all times. We often get locked out of our cars and still don’t learn much. While remembering where you last placed your keys depends a lot on the memory, you can still avoid getting into unnecessary trouble by following the simplest of techniques.

So before you end up hiring or search best automotive locksmith in Denver or get late from a meeting, once again, try your best to include the things listed below as a part of your key protection plan.

Buy A Hook Or Key Tray

Just like yourself, you need to find a place of rest for your keys and nothing can be better than a key tray or hooks. They are cheap and one can easily buy them from the nearest market. All you have to do is hang the keys onto the key tray every time you enter your home and pick it up from the same spot. Repeat enough times to make it a habit.

Spare Keys

As the core issue is always losing the car keys on time, one can tackle the difficult situations by opting for extra keys. It is always advisable to plan ahead by incorporating all the possibilities of any mishap and having multiple keys can do keep you away from any hurdles of Car Key Cutting companies in Denver Co as well. However, make sure that you keep the alternative keys stored in a safe place.


One of the major reasons why people usually forget their keys is because they give no attention to them till the time they finish their work. The hassles throughout the day make them more careless and when they get back on the table to find the keys, they begin to make assumptions about where did they lose it in the first place.

If you are one of the similar ones, it’s time to set reminders by putting clear notes on the walls of your office or house. Although the people around you might find it silly, they are your keys and you should take care of them at all costs. You can also try setting reminders for car keys on your phone as well.

Long Attachable Key Chains

No, we are not talking about the traditional spiderman or kitty key chains. Although they work perfectly fine but in order to cater to the extreme case of forgetting car keys, try attaching them with your wallet, door pass, or parking pass. Since you don’t forget such things at home on daily basis. Therefore it will be easier for you to carry your car keys along with you at all times. Women can also try attaching their keys to beauty kits.

Contact Your Locksmith

If losing your car key has become a habit, then a locksmith not only provides a new car key but also makes the situation safer for you by replacing your locks as well. The latter option becomes ideal, considering the fact that even if someone has stolen your car keys, they still won’t be able to open your new locks with it.

You can also call the Expert Denver Locksmith if your locks were getting old and worn out.

Importance of Auto Locksmith in Our Lives

All of us face issues like losing keys, breaking keys or locking them inside the vehicle every now and then. Sometimes it is a trouble, sometimes it is not. When it is not a trouble, it is usually because you have a spare key. 

But the times which become really memorable are the unpleasant ones when you actually suffer and try to escape the situation. We all have car lockout memories and we all know that we ended up on contacting an auto locksmith. But obviously, after doing a lot of other things to open up the car lock. It is really funny that the only person who can unlock your auto-lock is the locksmith but still we do everything to avoid reaching out to him/her. 

So, today we will give a few reasons that you should consider contacting the auto locksmith as your first preference rather than your last choice, because of experience and observation have shown that in almost all of the cases, an auto locksmith is your savior even if it is midday or midnight when you are facing a vehicle lockout issue. 

So, the main and unignorable reasons for choosing a professional auto locksmith are;

The Professionalism: 

You cannot do what a professional can do and this fact is neither debatable, not deniable. A professional is well learned and well trained to help you unlock your vehicle. The professional will have the apt skill and experience which he/she can use to assess what kind of solution will be most suitable for your specific issue. Professionalism can be the sole reason for your confidence in the auto locksmith.

The Equipment:

If your key is broken inside the lock, you cannot pick it out. Or at least cannot pick it our perfectly. You will surely do damage. Because you do not have the right equipment to do so. The right equipment will help you fix the keys and pick out the broken keys outside of the lock. 

The locksmith has both the equipment and the skill to get his job done perfectly. He/she will minimize the risk of damage. The importance of the right equipment is immense and people only understand this after spending a lot of time and effort on futile tries.

Their Mobility:

Most of the auto locksmiths offer their services in a wide area. Moreover, they serve all day and all night every day. this makes them highly reliable. So, if you have a contact number of a professional auto locksmith in your phone or you have his/her card long lost inside the depths of your wallet, you know he/she has got you covered.

The funny thing is that the professional locksmith is so reliable that you can expect him to come earlier than any of your friends or relative. It is not because your friends and relatives are unreliable, it is because the professional locksmith is dedicated to help you and reach wherever you ask him/her to as his foremost preference. They are on duty to help you. So, even if it is three in the night and you are standing on the stranded road with your keys inside the car, you can still trust a professional 24h auto locksmith to back you up no matter what.