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When you think about the risk of violent crime, most people don’t imagine it occurring as much on the home front as it does on the streets. You may feel safe sitting in your living room, but you wouldn’t be if someone jumped through your window. To keep that from happening to you or your family, you must take precautions. By installing security bars on your home windows or doors, you can help ensure that intruders stay out of the house while protecting your family.

If you’re considering safety bars for your house or office, it is better to have them installed by a professional. Denver 24hr Locksmith Service offers premium security bar installation to ensure your home and business premises are free from any threat. With our help, you can stay protected and secure at all times. Give us a call today, and we’ll work on your requirements.

How Burglar Bars Work

Burglar bars are often made from steel and can be placed over windows and doors to protect against break-ins. They usually consist of several horizontal, parallel rods that extend from the top of the window to the floor. The bottom rod is typically wider than the others, giving the structure more stability. The steel bars offer security because they make it impossible for intruders to reach through windows or doors to unlock them. Instead, you will need to unlock them with a key before entering or exiting your home.

Burglar bars are another layer of security that will keep your house safe while you are away or even just sleeping. Setting burglar bars up takes less than 15 minutes, so why not give it a shot?

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    What We Offer

    Re-enforce your doors with security bars, making them stronger and harder for intruders to get through them! At Denver 24hr Locksmith Service, our only priority is to keep your property safe. Whether you need added security for the front door or all the windows, we can do it for you! 

    Window Security Bar Installation Services

    Do you have a window that is always open?

    If so, it’s time for some security. Window locks can keep burglars out and make your home feel more secure! Our team at Denver 24hr Locksmith Service will install sturdy bars around all of them in order to provide peace of mind when arriving back after work or on weekends alike knowing they’re protected by expert technicians who know what they’re doing— shielding against breakage during storms too. We can install all types of window security bars, including the following:

    • Permanent bars
    • Removable bars
    • Swing-away bars

    Front/Back Door Installation In Denver,CO

    Your front door is only as safe as the lock that holds it shut. And even the toughest locks can be made useless. Almost 80% of burglars in all break-in attempts come from the front door. With an added security bar over your door, you can significantly increase the chance of preventing a break-in. Installing a door safety bar will help protect against porch pirates and protect all your glass doors and patio doors. We can help you in making your house security foolproof with one-of-a-kind services. 

    • Standard fittings provide added protection against forced entry
    • Secured by a patented double locking system
    • Custom made for the doors of your property

    Why Hire Our Installers

    If you have been thinking about making your home or business secure, now is the time to do it.  Let Denver 24hr Locksmith Service help you make your property a haven for everyone.  Trust us when we say that we can install almost any type and size of burglar bars. We are the one-stop shop for residential and commercial security needs.

    So, what makes us unique from other burglar bar service providers?

    • Technicians with years of industry experience
    • Free consultation and measurement before the installation 
    • Professional, secure, and discreet service
    • 24/7 customer relations through fast response time
    • Hassle-free package with included insurance cover and warranty
    • Recommended by many reputable organizations
    • Competitive pricing and no hidden charges

    Licensed And Certified 

    Our professional security bar installers are available 24/7 so that you can get in touch with us during emergencies. We employ only experienced and certified experts to ensure the quality of work. All our technicians are fully licensed and insured to provide you with added peace of mind. Our installers have the expertise, tools, and equipment to provide you with a seamless installation. We promise we’ll complete the job promptly because our factory-trained pros know how to do just about everything!

    Fast, Reliable, And Affordable 

    When deciding how to make your windows and doors less visible, unattractive, and unbreakable, installing security bars with us is an affordable option. Denver 24hr Locksmith services specialize in all aspects of security. We install high-quality security bars for doors and windows without costing you an arm and a leg. Our mission is to serve you better by giving you the best security bar installation services at an unparalleled price. 

    We also offer professional consultation where our experts will provide you with material options, including steel, metal, and aluminum, depending on your security needs. You can also customize the design and color to increase the aesthetic appeal of your home exterior. 

    Custom-Fitted Installation 

    Our security bars are made from 16 gauge steel and powder-coated black. Each bar is fitted to your door frame with a series of top-quality U-bolts and screws that easily screw into the top and bottom of your door and window frame. We never get the size wrong because we take proper measurements of your doors and windows before installation. During installation, we’ll walk you through each step of the way, ensuring that every detail meets your specific needs.

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