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Car ignition issue is a common one that many car owners face every other day. When your car doesn’t start, the first thing you assume is a dead battery. A dead battery doesn’t allow the engine to pick the spark. So, if your engine is cranking but not starting, there is possible ignition damage. Ignition damage can occur at any time due to several reasons, including complete ignition failure and power interruption.

Imagine you are out on a drive with your kids, and you park it to get some ice cream for them. You come back and see that the ignition lock is jammed. The situation is panicking, but we are here to take the stress away!

Denver Emergency Locksmith Service is where your cars get the attention you expect. We know how troublesome it can be when you are out somewhere, and the ignition fails. For the best ignition repair in Denver, we are the ones to call. Whether the ignition cylinder is damaged or the car key is stuck inside, our professionals can identify and resolve any problem.

What Causes Ignition Failure

Your vehicle’s ignition system consists of different components, including the ignition cylinder, coil, switch, lock, spark plug, and battery. Whether you have a distributor-based, distributor-less, or coil-based ignition system, issues can arise. All three types of ignition systems are made of metal, and it wears down with time. 

Our skilled locksmiths are extensively trained and knowledgeable enough to find the root cause of the damage. The ignition will not start if the internal cylinders are damaged, the spark plug is faulty, or the engine fails to burn the gas. Luckily, you have come to the right place. Our locksmiths will first diagnose the real problem and provide you with the best repair services.

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    Can A Locksmith Help Repair Ignition

    The ignition system allows your car to turn on the engine when you insert the key and turn it. With a faulty ignition switch, your vehicle will remain inoperable. While most car owners would rush to calling their mechanics, you can get in touch with our professional locksmiths, who will   resolve the issue without disrupting your budget.

    If you are unsure whether a locksmith can repair ignition or not, try us. We specialize in dealing with non-responsive ignitions and bringing them back to life. If the damage is irreparable, our locksmith will recommend you a replacement. Our services are not limited to just ignition systems. We are also experts in key programming, key fob repair, ECU programming, and car lock repair.

    What We Offer

    When it comes to keeping your ignition system running smoothly, Denver Emergency Locksmith Service offers a range of services, including the following:

    Ignition Repair

    Denver Emergency Locksmith Service is the pro you need to handle all your car ignition issues. Whether you face difficulty in turning the key or the key is stuck inside the cylinder, we can provide you with an optimal solution for every problem. The sooner you call us, the better we can serve! So, wait no more and get in touch with our locksmiths.

    Ignition Lock Replacement

    Sometimes, your ignition system becomes irreparably damaged. When you hire our experts to fix the issue, they will first inspect the lock. If the ignition has failed or the spark plug is fused, we’ll recommend replacing the car ignition right away! Our experienced locksmith performs such intricate tasks with professional accuracy.

    Ignition Switch Replacement

    Forget about going to expensive car dealers for replacing ignition switch and cylinder when you have Denver’s most trusted locksmiths at a call’s distance. The ignition cylinder gets damaged by the rough use of the car key. We have hands-on experience identifying the issue, fixing it, and cutting a new car key according to your new ignition switch.

    Ignition Coil Replacement

    If the car exhaust is backfiring, rough idling, or you feel difficulty starting the engine, it is time to get an ignition coil replacement. When the coils are damaged, it affects your car’s fuel economy. Save some bucks by calling our locksmiths to do it for you!

    Whenever you feel stuck with a failed or damaged ignition system, give us a call at 720-909-5176, and let us help you out!

    When you’re trying to solve a problem like a jammed lock, or you forgot your keys 24/7 Emergency Locksmith is the best choice to make when you need a professional locksmith service in Denver and surrounding areas. Contact us today!

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